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Coir fiber, obtained from the tissues surrounding the seed of the coconut palm, Cocos nucifera, is one of the few natural fibers that are strong, highly durable and water-proof. Coir fiber has the ability to stretch beyond its elastic limit without rupturing. Its resistance to microbial degradation and salt water and the power to take up a permanent stretch is unique. We are a leading producer and exporter of Coir Fibre.

White Coir Fibre

White coir fiber is the golden yellow-coloured fibre obtained by retting fresh green immature coconut husks in saline water for a period of 6 to 12 months. This coir fiber is also known as yarn fibre, mat fibre or retted fiber. White coir fiber is mainly used for manufacturing coir products such as mats, mattings, carpets and rope.

Brown Coir Fibre

Brown Coir fiber is obtained from fully ripe brown coconut husks by wet or dry milling. The process involves soaking brown coconut husks up to one month in fresh water, and combing on a pair of rotating spiked drums. Dirt and other rubbish are removed from the Brown coir fiber and then dried and packed into bales. Brown coir fiber is used mainly for filling mattresses and upholstery, for manufacture of needle felt pads used in innerspring mattresses, and in drainage filters with perforated pipes.

Machine twisted Fiber/Curled Coir/Coir rope

Coir fiber is elastic enough to twist without breaking and it holds a curl as though permanently waved. Machine twisted fibre is produced by blending bristle and mattress fibres in varying ratios. They are then spun and curled into a thick single-ply rope. Machine twisted fiber is also known as curled fiber.

Filling mattresses, upholstery, manufacturing needle felt pads or any other coir products, no matter your needs, we serve a single source support for your White, Brown and Machine twisted coir fiber needs.Contact us for a competitive quote.

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