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Coir fiber is elastic enough to twist without breaking and it holds a curl as though permanently waved. Machine twisted fibre is produced by blending bristle and mattress fibres in varying ratios. They are then spun and curled into a thick single-ply rope. This is used in producing Rubberized Coir sheets

The unique feature of our high density rubberized coir bare sheet plant is that it facilitates Vertical Fibre Orientation (VFO), a process that results in a deeper penetration of latex into the coir sheet, making it very classic. This state of the art technology provides uniform density and extra cushioning effect to our rubberized coir sheets. We have the capacity to supply 10x 40 HC containers of rubberized coir sheets on a monthly basis.

The high density rubberized coir pads/ sheets produced by us are used as top layer for spring mattress, packing pads, weed control mats/mulch mats, drainage filters, tree bark gurads, air conditioner filters around the world


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