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Vayalar Exports is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Coir products such as Woven coir erosion control mats, Rubber backed coir doormats and Coco peat/Coir pith in Kerala. We also produce and export a wide variety of Area rugs using natural fibre such as Jute and Sisal.We are looking for partnership or joint ventures with clients from Europe,the United states and other parts of the world.

Soil quality has a key role in the making of Home gardens, Terrace gardens, Lawns, Nurseries as well as in Horticulture and Floriculture. Factors like salinity and less water holding capacity make soil unsuitable for cultivation. Coir pith is an ideal soil re-conditioner, soil structure improver and soil substrate with excellent water holding capacity.

India annually produces about 280,000 metric tons of coir fiber. By weight, coir fibers account for about one-third of the coconut pulp and the other two-thirds is the coir pith. Coir pith is also known as Coco peat or Coir dust. This by-product of the coir industry can be converted into organic manure using biotechnology, making it ideal for gardening and horticulture.

A wide variety of Coir pith products such as Coir pith grow bag, Coir pith bale, Coir pith Briquettes, Coir pith Discs, and Coco chips are ideal for your gardening and horticultural needs.

Special Features of Coirpith compost

  • Contains macronutrients — Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium
  • Contains micronutrients  — Calcium, Copper and magnesium
  • Contains natural enzymes
  • Excellent water holding capacity
  • Improves aeration
  • Enhances strong heap root system
  • Stimulates production of phytohormones
  • Ideal pH level — 5.6 to 6.4 
  • Eco-Friendly

Why Coir pith?

If the soil is fertile and contain components like micro and macronutrints, many gardening problems can be nullified. Much attention must be paid to keeping it in good condition.

The ideal vegetable garden soil is deep, friable, well drained, and has high organic matter content. Proper soil preparation provides the basis for good seed germination and subsequent growth of garden crops. Careful use of various soil amendments can improve the physical and biological condition of soil and provide the best possible starting ground for your crops.

Coirpith not only revitalizes your plants, it induces uniformity in growth by enhancing water retention and microbial activity. Coir pith contains high quality of nutrients that keep the soil healthy in a natural way. It acts as a top dressing that helps maintain moisture and reconditions the soil. Coir pith enhances the nutrient carrying capacity of plants.
Sustainable agriculture practices such as this creates a healthy perfect loop from table to earth. Pure and natural, this organic biodegradable matter is an economical and natural alternate for rockwool slabs, peatmoss and perlite . This natural spongy coir industry by-product is a perfect organic growing medium for fruits such as strawberry, vegetables such as pepper, cucumber, tomatoe, and flowers such as gerbera, gladiol, lily, anthurium and rose.

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